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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spelling Wisdom Book 1, by Sonya Shafer

Our first dictation lesson went well. Daniel Boone really enjoyed it and felt so proud that he printed all the words correctly. It was so nice to see him accomplish correctly spelling all his words. We chose a Psalm that he has been memorizing. It was a short line but he learned to spell it all!! I like to have everything laid out for me so I began to look through our books and compare them to the 200 most used words in the English language. What a chore!!! Then I found Spelling Wisdom by Sonya Shafer. It seems to be everything I was trying to make without all my time!!! I have ordered the first book. I wanted to get started immediately so I wrote to Sonya and she was so kind to send me the first 6 lessons. I can't wait to get the book.


  1. I keep hearing so many good things about Spelling Wisdom, I guess I really should check it out. What ages is this for?

  2. I believe it's for year 4 and up so 10 years old, I guess. My Daniel Boone is 9 but really struggling with Spelling. After reading CM's idea on spelling I see that I need to add dictation to help him. I haven't seen this book yet but Sharon was kind enough to send me the first 6 lessons until my book comes in. I'm planning on starting with lesson 1 tomorrow. I will post again after I have used the book awhile. I'll let you know.

  3. Just curious where you got your book? I have only found the ebooks available.


  4. I got it from Simply Charlotte Mason. Sonya wrote the book and owns the Simply Charlotte Mason website. She has it as either an ebook or you can order a printed book. I decided that for the cost of the printed book it would save me lots of time and money. The link is: