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I am a work in progress. I am striving to be an encouraging wife, a fun and loving homeschool mother, to learn to homestead, organize, and adapt. I desire to see life more like Jesus and less like the world's view of what's important. I praise God that I am saved by grace alone, through faith alone, by Christ alone! Cuz' I CAN'T DO IT ON MY OWN!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Reminder: World eBook Fair this month for FREE!

The free month of ebooks is going on now through Aug. 4th, 2009. All of their ebooks will be available to download for free during that month. Go check them out at: World eBook Fair.

Poison Ivy Relief

I went to an herbal class last weekend and learned a remedy for poison ivy relief....Peppermint Oil. My husband and Daniel Boone get poison ivy so bad that they are covered all summer long. They've tried every known product with no relief from the constant itch....until now. That Peppermint Oil works wonders!!!! I can't believe it. If you know someone who suffers from it too, give it a try. We've just been amazed. My husband even said yesterday that he's so glad to have something that actually works.

We use Nature's Sunshine products but I think any peppermint oil will work.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

That's My King!!

My church plays this for our congregation sometimes. We love it! My daughter walked by while I was loading it and asked if I could put it on the ipod. When I told her it was already there, she was very excited! AM Lockridge must've been an awesome preacher to listen to. And now he's with his King! Praise God! I hope you like it too. 

"I wish I could describe Him to you!"

Here's another version:

"I wonder, do you know Him?"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gettysburg Address

We'll be studying the Civil War next year and in my preparation I found these wonderful recordings of the Gettysburg Address.

Johnny Cash - Gettysburg Address
Found at bee mp3 search engine

There are several more options at My favorites are Johnny Cash's recording and Jeff Daniels' recording.