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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tree in the Trail - Enhancements

We so enjoy reading Holling C Hollings books. I always try to add something fun to the activities. I thought today I would share my ideas for Tree in the Trail.

Ch. 2 - make teepees (save for Thanksgiving table). Draw a half circle on a piece of paper, preferably heavy card stock. Allow the children to cut out the half circle, decorate it, then glue straight edges together forming the teepee.

Ch. 3 - play with bow and arrows

Ch. 4 & 5 - read Conquist by Bulla

Ch. 5 - Study tree cookies (cross cut of tree), allow the children to draw their own tree cookie including events of their own lives

Ch. 6 - find a folk story about the Thunderbird in the library, study weather - clouds and lightening, take time to discuss where true power to rule the weather comes from (God)

CH. 7 - Discuss what we learned about beavers from Burgess, look at old maps of plains, get books from library about Plains Indians. We use Dover's coloring book about Plains Indians.

CH. 8 - map the Sante Fe Trail

Ch. 9 - try to find flintlock guns to see in person

Ch. 10 - make arrow out of dowell rod

Ch. 11 - write letter to grandparents

Ch. 16 - study books about tornados, allo children to read Tornado by Byars

Ch. 17 - study oxe yokes, read in the Bible what God says about being equally yoked, recall how Almanzo trained his calves using a yoke (if you've read Farmer Boy yet)

Ch. 18 - look up Independence on the map

CH. 21 - discuss distance and compare to distances the students know, like distance to grandma's house, etc.

Ch. 23 - find books on adobe houses, make bricks out of clay mud and straw - allowing to sun dry

Ch. 24 - find books on desert plants, look up yucca, prickly pear, cholla, and sage brush, discuss prairie dogs, visit priairie dog and see cactus in person areas if close enough

Make sure to add locations on your map as you learn about them, comparing them to a current map.

Have fun! This is a grea book!!

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