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I am a work in progress. I am striving to be an encouraging wife, a fun and loving homeschool mother, to learn to homestead, organize, and adapt. I desire to see life more like Jesus and less like the world's view of what's important. I praise God that I am saved by grace alone, through faith alone, by Christ alone! Cuz' I CAN'T DO IT ON MY OWN!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brain in a Binder

I decided that Cindy Rushton's Binder set is worth it. So, I'm in the process of downloading all her great information. I've been working on a binder for years. I hadn't thought about it being my brain. But what a great idea. I hope that her information will help me accomplish my goal of having a binder with all the information for what I do at our home and to keep me organized. I've been thinking for over a year about if something happened to me, what would my family do? I know God is in control and would care for them. But, is there something I could do to make it a little easier on my husband. He has no idea where everything is and what all I do. I did make him promise to hire a nanny to care and homeschool our children with my life insurance money. He agreed and said that was very important to him. Now, where do I start?

Monday, August 4, 2008



I've already downloaded the Numbers Book. What great resource!! I can't wait to print it off and read it with the children.

I'm also looking at the Cindy Rushton's NEW Organized Moms Super Set. I really like the idea behind it but I'm afraid that all it will do is draw me into the computer even more. Now, if they were bound books - that would be different. I know I can print them off, but at what cost. I'm already on the computer way too much for my families sake. It sure looks good though. Check it out!!

The idea of time management for homeschooling got me to searching the net for ideas and I found The Homeschooler's Time Management Toolkit at I especially like the book of managing your home office and home. I sure can use that!!

These are my finds for the day.
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