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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Postcardsd from around the world

Since we are studying world geography this year, I thought it would be fun to get postcards from around the world. I asked friends to talk to their friends and family and we were off and running. It's been very fun. I have recently found two yahoo groups that have really boosted our ability to get postcards from everywhere! You should see the excitement of running to the mailbox to see where our card comes from this time! Check it out! Then drop us a postcard. Www will send one back to you!

All About Spelling

Daniel Boone has had the hardest time learning to spell and write. We have tried learning the CM way but it just doesn't stick. Dictation was fun and gave him confidence but days later, all the words would be lost again. I found All About Spelling and I am veery excited about the prospects. It is very similar to the way Rgith Start Math works. There is cry little prep work involved. Just pick up the book, look over the materials needed, and get started. It starts out very basic but I think it will make very good strides in then long run. He finds it boring because we are using small, easy words but I believe we need to start there. We are even using the principles already when writing bigger words during his normal writing.

If you have a child who is frustrated with spelling, I recommend trying All About Spelling. Check it out.