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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Year 2 Schedule Term 1

I thought I'd show the schedule that I finally settled on. I used several schedules that other AO mothers posted. Thank you to all of those wonderful women who are willing to share!! This is our Year 2 schedule for Term 1. The first 2 are printed portrait style. I "x" off each item as I read them or I put an "x" in the box for each time I read that during the week. I have added Math and Poem study at the bottom in pen and I put an "x" for each time we do those activities to help me keep track of it. The third schedule is my children's check off list. Daniel Boone really likes to be able to see what he has to do for the day so he can see when his play time will be. They are really into Star Wars right now so I found a free color page online and put it on their schedule. They thought I was the best mom every!! How easy is that!! They do the items that are starred with me and I choose what we read. If there is no star they can do it alone if I'm busy or I can help them.

Traci's Year 2 Schedule Term 1


  1. Hi!! I followed you over from Amble Ramble. I too love to modify AO, but I love how you've combined all three of your kiddos into one year!! I don't know how I could do that with ages 11, 9, 7, and 4, but I might take some time to ponder it this summer. :D

  2. I'm not sure how you would combine with the age split that you have. For us, this works great now. I do worry how it will look for my youngest (6) in a few years. But God says not to be anxious for anything and He will work this out. I'm working on a lapbook idea for Pagoo. I am using younger reader books for him to learn about the ocean and getting deeper with my oldest. My thoughts are that until around year 6 we're just introducing concepts, people, and historical time periods. My hope is that they will remember something from these younger years and say, "hey I remember that name. Who was that again?" And jump right in to learning all about it. God bless you and your family as you plan your next year.