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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Classical Music and Composer Study

Recently, we had the great fortune to see Vivaldi's Ring. I ordered the CD from Paperbackswap but didn't listen to it until the day before our concert. Oh, what a wonderful introduction into Vivaldi and his music. I have not been following AO's composer list but using the CD that I find about classical music and the children's versions that tell something about the composer. What joy it was to find that the concert we were watching was the play of the CD we own. It was performed by Classical Kids Live. We were all mesmerized for an hour, including my boys and my friend's toddler. Now, Daniel Boone was sitting with one of his friend's so they had the "I'm too cool for this" look on their face. However, once the music started, they are transfixed. After it was over, they went back to that same cool look. Everything changed when we were in the car alone and could talk about the concert. All three of them, Mr. Cool included, went on and on about the music and what they liked about the play. They were amazed that there were only 2 actors in the whole thing.

I highly encourage everyone to go to their website and see when they will be in your area. I would gladly drive 2 hours to go see another one. You can check out their schedule here and see if they will be near you. If not, then the CD's make a great introduction into this wonderful music. We very much enjoyed:

and and and

Mozart's Magnificent Voyage is by far my children's (and my) favorite Classical Kids CD. I ordered them all from Paperbackswap!! I've seen Beethoven Lives Upstairs on Netflix and plan to order that before the year is up.

After seeing Vivaldi's Ring, I'm going to try to find this CD for us to listen to during school.

I have recently come across this site, Classics for Kids, and I would like to spend more time there and see what we can learn from them.

It's funny to me that several mothers have told me their children just don't enjoy classical music and wouldn't consider sitting through a concert. But, so far, our introduction into classical music has been so much fun. I love to see even my boys asking for it over and over again. I believe it's all in how it's presented, how much you as the teacher/mom enjoy it, and how excited you get over it. I have found that they take that excitement and add to it!

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