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Monday, January 14, 2013

Menu planning continues

Well I searched Hobby Lobby for a half priced frame for my menu board. No luck. The ones I like are still too expensive. So back home to scrounge through what I already own. I found a shadow box that we only use for state fair entries.

I lined it with black card stock and then rummaged through my scrapbook paper for black and red paper. After layering the paper inside the shadow box, I wrote the days of the week on the glass.

I just taped this week's meals to the inside of the glass. I am going to use the board as is for a few weeks and make my improvements before I do anything permanent.

Not bad for scrounging! I guess it's time to go grocery shopping since I know what we are eating this week. I'll post more on my meals in another post.

Happy planning!

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