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Monday, January 12, 2009

Galations Bible Study

I wanted to share the revelation that came to me while in Sunday school yesterday. We were asking why Paul talked to the Galations so harshly about the elemental things they were falling back into.

I likened the walk of man kind to the life of man.

During the time of Adam is like birth. God walked with them and provided all they needed as parents of newborns do.

The Mosiac time period is like the preschool and elementary years. We are under our parents rules and regulations. They guide and instruct us so we can be safe and grow into the person we will become. Everything is laid out for us and we are to obey our parents the first time every time.

While Christ was on the Earth is like our teenage years. Our parents are there to guide and instruct us but not with the firm rules and regulations of our elementary days. But with love, encouragement, good teaching, and support.

The time of the Holy Spirit (our time now in the walk of man kind) is like our adult years. We are to stand on our own two feet. Not bound to our parents rules and regulations but we do remember them and head them as good guidelines for life. Our conscience (the Holy Spirit) should be our guide not our parent's rule.

Death is closer than ever before. Not to be gruesome. But adulthood leads no where else. In the history of man kind the end of life as we know is coming to a close. We don't know the day, as men do not know the day of their death, but we know we are closer than ever before.

As for Paul's talk to the Galations, he was seeing that they were not living as the adults they should be but being confused by the rules and regulations of their past. He wanted them to remember the law and know it was good, but it was not their guide anymore. They were to let the Holy Spirit lead them and nothing else. Good reminder for me!!

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