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Friday, June 4, 2010


Each year I try to add something new to our little homestead. Today it was worms!!

I learned how to set up my worm bin from

I went to a local worm composting class. Then with some other families, we order 5,000 worms. I got them in the mail today and thought something was wrong. The bag was filled with a peat moss type filling and when I poured it out I found a few worms. They didn't look too healthy. I was a bit discouraged. I kept poking around until I found them. And let me tell you, I'm not afraid of much when it comes to nature. I am a science teacher and I've held a lot of creatures including snakes. But when I found this massive pile of knotted up worms I got a bit creeped out. It looked like a big pile of maggots. They worms are not that large, not like night crawlers. Well, I've put them in their new home and they are getting acquainted now.  I have high hopes that they will live, grow, multiply, and provide me with lots of good worm castings for my garden. The kids are even talking about starting a business selling worms if they multiply like they say they are supposed to.

If you want to learn about Vermicomposting, that's was worm composting is called, has great instructions that will get you started.

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  1. Very cool site! Love it! You cracked me up with the worm post! It's a great idea! How are the worms doing now? Did they survive?