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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Vacation!!

We school all year but I'm finding that taking June off is a great idea! The kids are in VBS at a couple of churches. This gives me 2 weeks of half days to get lots of projects done in our home office. They had swim lessons last week. So much fun! Next week they will all go to day camp Summer Camp. They are so excited and I will get 5 days from 9-5 to plan and organize the next school year. This is the best time of the year for me to plan and prepare. We will start back to school for 7 weeks after July 4th weekend. That will finish out this year of school. By then, I should everything ready for the next year of schooling. We'll take a week or 2 off before starting and have some summer fun.

We like schooling in the summer because it gets so very HOT in the dog days of summer that the kids have a hard time staying outside and end up getting bored and fighting. This way they have a "summer vacation" in June with lots of play time. Then when we start back in July they are ready to work. We'll still go swimming in the afternoons and of course, we have all these animals to keep us busy!!

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