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Monday, September 14, 2009

State Fair Photo Entries

This is our first year to enter items into the state fair. I called this "handicraft" this month. I took the children to the park on our first day of school this year. I gave them my camera and told them to not just take pictures but look for art. Here are their photo entries. I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed with what they came up with!!

Daniel Boone
This poor elephant had a very bad itch. DB took lots of pictures and this is the one he picked.

Daniel Boone
We called this one the "Unseen Execution". Look real close at this picture.

Tinker Bell
"Our dog"

Tinker Bell
"Flowers in Bloom"

Peter Pan
"Worm Wood"

Peter Pan
"Long neck"
This was just a picture of several flamingos to me. I told PP how nice this picture was. He said, "no mom. Look in the back. I took this picture because the water made his neck look so long." What an eye!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! What a great idea to give the kids the camera and have them take pics of what they want. I love the flamingo pic...that's funny! Thanks for sharing these.